D11 Fitness Challenge

Annual Military Fitness Challenge

D11 Military Fitness Challenge

The kickoff of the second annual D11 Fitness Challenge will start on  Jan. 1, 2012. This fitness initiative promotes exercise and being fit for duty for all members including active duty, reservists, auxiliary and civilians in D11.

Service members will compete in various events across the country in order to show their fitness levels.  The competition consists of dozens of events, to include running, swimming, obstacle courses, weight lifting, object pulling, pull ups, sit ups, and more.

The service members must register through their commands, and must register between January 1 and February 15.

This is the video of the wrap up of last year’s D11 Fitness Challenge.


As more information becomes available it will be posted here.


We would like to personally thank Our Sponsors:

Lapel PinsThe Pin People

The Pin People has created the pins for the participants and those who assisted to make this event possible.  The Pin People is a Veteran owned business and enjoys giving back to the military community.


If you need custom challenge coins or lapel pins for your unit, The Pin People will have their PINgineers help you from start to finish.  They are also proud to announce their new website: http://www.pinsovernight.com


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